Video: Lake Tanganyika

Jewel of the Rift


This is one of our all-time favorite National Geographic productions, and we were fortunate enough to have stumbled across it in its entirety (in two parts) on YouTube. It is a well-presented documentary on the fishes of Lake Tanganyika. Narrated by Avery Brooks, this video showcases the adaptations that different cichlids have made to survive in the lake. Species names are not used, but it is easy to recognize some of the cichlid hobby's favorites. Beware the roving mob of transvestite dwarves!

Since we didn't post the video, we have no control over its status. Please use our Contact Page to let us know if it is no longer available so we can remove or replace the link. Enjoy!

Jewel of the Rift (10 part playlist) by wskicki


Cichlids of Africa
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Cichlids of Africa; Volume I: The Haplochromines

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